GU 625 Hydraulic head Hydraulic head for: Al and Cu tubular terminals and connectors on cable conductors (wire 300 ÷ 625 m.. ERKO Product #: 5905912897357 based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $936.92 $936.92 Pre-Order

GU 625 Hydraulic head

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Hydraulic head for:

    • Cu tubular terminals and connectorson cable conductors UX dies
    • Al tubular terminals and connectorson cable conductors UX dies
    • Works with: H800 hydraulic pump, AH500 and AH550 electric hydraulic units
    • Maximum outer diameter of terminal (connector):52mm2.
    • Force:190 kN

  • Designed for electrical works of high intensity
  • Cable cross-section: 300 ÷ 625 mm2
  • Made in EU
  • Crimping dies - please see charts


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For tubular terminals and connectors of outer diameters up to 52mm. Due to diffrent wall thickness of terminals for given cable cros section (eg. made acording DIN or PN norm) dies are marked with a discriminant. Its value reflects outer diameter of terminal in mm. Please see UX dies chart tab for more details.

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