TE 1.5-18V Cable end-sleeves (insulated bootlace ferrules) Insulated cable end-sleeves for 1.5mm2 multi-wire Cu cables. Pack of 100pcs.. ERKO Product #: 5905912822120 based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $2.89 $2.89 5

TE 1.5-18V Cable end-sleeves (insulated bootlace ferrules)

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Insulated cable end-sleeves (bootlace ferrules) for multi-wire Cu cables

With poliamide insulation

Thermal resistance -40°C to +125°C

According to DIN 46228 Part 4

Made in EU

  • Symbol: TE 1.5-18V
  • Unit: 100pcs
  • Material: galvanically tinned copper
  • Insulation colour: yellow
  • Cable cross-section: 1.5mm2
  • s: 0.15mm
  • d1: 1.7mm
  • d2: 3.5mm
  • l1:24mm
  • l2:18mm
  • Crimping tools:PR33, T10

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